The Urban Voice for Truth with Dr. Alfonse Javed

The Genesis of Boko Haram in Africa

Boko Haram is an African organization founded in Nigeria by Mohammed Yusuf and succeeded by Abubakar Shekau after Yusuf’s death in 2009. Haram means forbidden, therefore their ideology is based on what is forbidden in Islam. Boko Haram can be translated as meaning that Western education is forbidden, but its agenda includes many other things […]

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Americanized Christianity and Theological Chaos

Does Perfectionism go along with the Christian Life?

Perfectionism can kill, as author Khristi Adams points out: · I wanted to be a woman of God so badly. When people would ask me what or who I aspired to be, I always responded, “a woman of God.” I would read and quote Proverbs 31, attend women’s conferences, and read books on what it […]

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Obamian View of Islam and the Crusades

The beginning of the 21st century has marked the rise of Islam in its most violent form. Since the tragedy of 9/11, Muslims and Christians alike have become the victims of Islam. As a fog of justifications and excuses lingers over the western hemisphere’s view of terrorism, the dawn of a new era of Islamization in […]

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How do we prepare our Heart for Lent?

One of the first things Christians ask when you mention the word lent is what is it? So let’s define Lent. What is Lent? Lent is the span of time in the church calendar that starts with Ash Wednesday and ends with Easter Sunday. Ash Wednesday commemorates the beginning of Jesus’ 40-day fasting and temptation […]

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Dr. Alfonse Javed

The Muslim Next Door

Sin is taken lightly by Muslims because they believe that man was born good.  Committing a few mistakes were not really a big deal because Allah will forgive them by the good works they have done in their life.This idea of heaven and hell is very narrow because they believe that every person has two angels recording their good and bad deeds. Going to heaven or hell is the ultimate decision of Allah after they die, by weighing their good deeds and bad deeds. If the good deeds outweigh the bad deeds then the person will go to heaven; but if the bad deeds outweigh the good, that person will go to hell.

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