Learning from the least

This resource site is dedicated to bridging the gab between the "global christian south" and the "global christian north" with respect to leadership, discipleship, church planting, and theology.

Karl Barth’s Theology of Reconciliation

  Thesis Statement Karl Barth’s theology of reconciliation implies that evangelization and missions are unnecessary to convert people because all religions have equal access to God through Christ.   Introduction Since the dawn of Christianity, the proponents of religious pluralism have confronted and persecuted Christians for their exclusive claims about Jesus Christ and the proclamation […]

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 A New Dawn: Heart For Muslims

In the context of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris by Islamists, and the persecution of Christians worldwide at the hands of Islamists, the obvious and perhaps natural response should be revenge and hate towards Muslims. Yet, in midtown Manhattan, New York City; a city that has been a thorn in the eyes of Islamic terrorists for decades, our conference ‘Heart for Muslims’ was the first conference of its kind at such a magnitude that had ever been held by a church in New York City in order to eliminate fear and promote love for Muslims.

This is not the first time that Islamists have launched a campaign to eradicate Christianity and terrorize the West, it has been going on for the last 1400 years. Unfortunately, the church has not dealt with Islam or Muslims the way that Christ commanded us to do so. We are not called to add to the conflict of various belief systems in our ever deteriorating world, rather we ought to be the church of Christ for times such as these.

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Is There a Permanent Solution to Terrorism?

Sitting in a cool room on the fifth floor of the Hotel Salisbury in Midtown Manhattan, Ali seemed content with my response. “Education!” It was the single word response that non of the students expected in the wake of the recent pressure cooker bombing incident. Ali and his friend Ayan were taking my course on […]

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Thank You for Your Support!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for you commitment to Voice For Truth International ministry. Your generous support allows me to travel all over the world to train and equip brothers and sisters in the area of Islam, Missions and Leadership. Wherever I go you go too. You financial partnership is a […]

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Should You Love Muslims?

“You are going Weir?” Grey said, and the room resounded with laughter. We were sitting in a room at one of the largest churches in Mississippi, located in the heart of Madison—a metro area of Jackson, MS. Broadmoor Baptist Church has a heart to take the Good News to the ends of the earth, and […]

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I love Muslims and I am a Christian

In the culture of fear and chaos where everybody is afraid of ISIS and its affiliate terrorist organizations, I have gone through many emotional and theological responses to some of the recent brutal acts by Islamists and radical Muslims. Some of these responses were not very Christian, but were simply a reflection of fear and […]

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ISIS- A Blessing in Disguise

Almost every day I run into men and women in New York City who are trying to make sense out of the ever deteriorating situation in the Middle East at the hands of ISIS. The essence of all the questions is a sincere desire to seek peace.

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Americanized Christianity and Theological Chaos

It is likely that the theological chaos that exists in Pakistan and in other third world countries would have not been a problem if the deliberate attempt by the American churches were to come alongside the local church to teach and learn for the mutual benefit of the global community of believers. Theologically condescending attitude […]

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Pastors and Imams, a Crucial Friendship

Muslims and Christians have far too many things in common to overlook the tremendous opportunities that both pastors and imams have to bridge the gap between the Muslim and Christian communities worldwide. Here at home, the constant threat to the security of the United States by the Islamists and the expected backlash against Muslims in […]

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