"...Though human rationality ends, the desperate need to find out more never does..."

(Existence:Addressing Urban Skepticism & the Purpose of Life)

Dr. Alfonse Javed

Born and raised in a Christian family in Pakistan and educated in the West, Dr. Alfonse Javed holds a unique perspective on culture, religion, education, and politics. His advanced theological training is from the Greek Bible College, Davis College, and Liberty University. He has earned three undergraduate, three graduate, and three doctoral degrees.


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This resource site was launched in 2010 with a vision to challenge views and change hearts through comprehensive, thought provoking writing, interview, and discussions. We are interested in pieces that examine or critique the theology and ethos of individual religious communities. We welcome articles that find fresh meaning in old traditions and that adapt or apply religious traditions to new circumstances.

We publish articles on current world issues related to religion, theology, and politics.  We seek to articulate the public meaning of faith, bringing the resources of religious tradition to bear on such topics as poverty, human rights, economic justice, international relations, national priorities, popular culture, and yes even politics as long as it is related to faith.

"A vision serves as a bull's eye at which a leader aims his/her energy and resources"

(Productive Leadership)


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