A man swims in raw sewage in a sewer.

The Untouchables of Pakistan

In 1858, present day Pakistan became a part of the British colony of India. Christian missionaries evangelized the Churas (the Dalits or Untouchables). They were sweepers and scavengers, forced by Hindus and Muslims to live outside village limits. By 1931, Christian Churas outnumbered Hindu Churas around Lahore, Punjab’s capital. More than a century later, “Chura” remains a term of opprobrium, a slur directed at Christians.

The Untouchables remained uneducated, deprived of all rights, and above everything else slaves to the majority of powerful Muslims. The humanitarian organizations have failed to prove their impartiality as well. The only little help that this community receives is from the Christians of the West. Not many, but just a few people from the United States of America and the U.K are willing to hear the stories of these Churas.

In the recent years, the parliament of Pakistan has allowed the selected not elected members of Christian community to raise their voices on behalf of their community. It has resulted in both awareness as well as persecution.

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