Dr. A. R. Javed

I Love Muslims But I Must Share 7 Myths About Islam

Over the period of time my ideas, philosophies and beliefs about religion have changed. I was born and grew up in Pakistan during a time when Sharia (Islamic Law) was introduced and enforced. I opened my eyes in an environment where injustice against religious minorities became a social norm under the banner of Islam. Cruelty, discrimination, and false accusations against religious minorities were justified by Islamic law. So when I write the following 7 Myths it does not mean I hate Muslims, I love them even to the point that If I could give my life in order to save them from eternal damnation I would not hesitate.

1. Islam is a religion of peace. Look around, in the world 90% or more of religiously motivated conflicts involve Muslims on at least one side.

2. Muslim fight for Allah. No they don’t, If Allah is a proper name for God according to Islam. Then God the one who created the Universe is able to sustain Himself and everything that He has created. No one needs to fight His fight.

3. Allah is love. It would be an oxymoron to claim Allah is love and that He commands to kill infidels.

4. Islam is the last religion. It would be unreasonable to make such a statement after the claim that the Qur’an makes that Islam was the religion of Adam.

5. Islam was the religion of all the prophets starting with Adam. It is impossible because Islam was introduced by the prophet Muhammad who was born until the 6th century.

6. The Qura’n is the book of Allah for the whole world. If that is true then It should be in a universal language. Faithful Muslims and the Islamic scholars claim that the Qur’an should be read in Arabic other wise you would not understand the meaning of Allah’s message.

7. Islamic culture will save the West. Many statements by American Muslims came out recently saying that Islamic culture and the Islamic law is the answer to all the problems that we are facing in the West. Yes there is modesty in Islamic culture but there are many other things too. For example, punishment for those who raise their voice for human right such as women rights. Islamic culture means Arabic culture.

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