A New Dawn: Heart For Muslims

In the context of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris by Islamists, and the persecution of Christians worldwide at the hands of Islamists, the obvious and perhaps natural response should be revenge and hate towards Muslims. Yet, in midtown Manhattan, New York City; a city that has been a thorn in the eyes of Islamic terrorists for decades, our conference ‘Heart for Muslims’ was the first conference of its kind at such a magnitude that had ever been held by a church in New York City in order to eliminate fear and promote love for Muslims. This is not the first time that Islamists have launched a campaign to eradicate Christianity and terrorize the West, it has been going on for the last 1400 years. Unfortunately, the church has not dealt with Islam or Muslims the way that Christ commanded us to do so. We are not called to add to the conflict of various belief systems in our ever deteriorating world, rather we ought to be the church of Christ for times such as these.

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