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book by dr. Alfonse Javed a book by dr. Alfonse Javed Book by Dr. Alfonse Javed
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Book by Dr. Alfonse Javed
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As old as the world is, we die young even if we live a long life. Some of the most brilliant minds over the years have seen life and its purpose as one and the same. Perhaps the purpose of life is only to live it and live it to its fullest, yet so often we miss out on the chance to fulfill our life's purpose in the end, whatever it may be, as we become stricken by tragedy and pain...This book invites us to examine our beliefs and rationality. If we gain the whole world and lose our own life, what profit do we have? Is a life lived without a purpose even worth living? Would this not leave the world as if we never existed?
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The Muslim Next Door

book by dr. Alfonse Javed
The Muslim Next Door, is a guide for churches and individuals to evangelize Muslims. I do not believe you can evangelize Muslims only through traditional evangelistic approaches. However, a clear understanding of pure Islamic knowledge can make a difference in our relationships with Muslims in our neighborhoods. The Bible teaches us that “God is not willing that any should perish” (1 Peter 3:9 AKJV). If we know that our Muslim neighbors are walking in darkness, we need to step up and reach out to them with the light. Jesus said “I am the light of life” ( John 8:12).
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Productive Leadership

a book by dr. Alfonse Javed
What does it mean to be a productive leader? Nourishing your community through leadership produces fruit that can be felt by others, but being a true leader means nourishing your roots inward to hone your character into a truly productive leader. We are influenced on a daily basis by those around us, especially by those in positions of leadership. These interactions are inevitable and can provide the basis for who we are as leaders and how we affect the world around us. We therefore cannot avoid leadership, but we can work toward being productive leaders. This book will provide insight on how you can become the fruit-bearing, world- impacting leader that God would have you to be. 
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Research Book: Muslim Pakistani and Indian students in their New York school system experience

 This hermeneutical phenomenological research study, using two rounds of semi- structured open ended interviews and focus group data, described the lived experience of Muslim Pakistani and Indian students in their New York school system experience. The purpose of this study was to collect and examine the stories and explore the lived experience of Muslim young adults from Pakistan and India in the American school system and document the positive and negative experiences they had while in the American school system. The study looked for the common denominators, which helped and encouraged the Muslim students to continue their education, regardless of the accusations and their affiliation to a religion that has been held responsible for the 9/11 tragedy. In order to uncover what motivated these students to continue their education in the American school system and what brought peace and comfort in their lives, regardless of the reports that Muslims in America have been receiving discriminatory treatment in the aftermath of 9/11, the data was collected by interviewing seven participants. The data revealed that the group had a strong desire to live and to be educated in the United States; and their belief that, unlike other countries, America provides a safe haven to every citizen, was the consistent theme in every participant’s life. The participants also shared their experiences regarding how Muslim and non-Muslim students can live in harmony and study in peace in the American school system. However, the data also indicated obstacles that female Muslim students face while in school. Strategies suggested by the data include emphasis on increasing the positive experiences of the school, such as open discussion between Muslim and non-Muslim students, increased collaboration between the school and the Muslim community in the area, Muslim and non-Muslim parents’ panel group discussion, equal rights and equal treatment for all the students, faculty supervision of religious clubs on campus, better communication between the school and the Muslim community, preference in hiring minority staff for social studies, workshops on religious tolerance by community members of all religions, and avoiding having any political or religious organization conduct such workshops on campus.