with Dr. Alfonse Javed


Dr. Fadia Farag unearths some of the reasons Christians are hesitant to reach out to Muslims and Muslims are hesitant to follow Christ. Summarizing her years of experience with the […]
Tony Morgan, Founder of the Unstuck Group breaks down some fundamentals of a thriving church for this season of ministry. Evangelism, making disciples, growing deeper in faith — the mission […]
Chris Coppernoll shares about leadership development and leaning into the needs of others. He gleans from personal experience, life on campus, in church, the marketplace and ministry abroad. He breaks […]
James Rayment reveals that Ramadan is one of the best times for Christians to reach out to Muslims in their community. But, where can you or your church begin? As […]
James Rayment unpacks the practicalities the Al-Ma’idah Initiative and what it means to have conversation without compromise. Today, American society is riddled with accusations of cancel culture. Yet, through the […]
Dr. Mitch Glaser looks at the challenges, opportunities and suprising areas of fruitfulness for present-day outreach to Jewish people around the world. He reflects on decades in ministry, experiencing antisemitism, […]
Pastor Peter Lwin grew up in Myanmar and migrated to America after grade school. Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has been plagued by civil wars and religious persecution. Then, in […]
Pastor Bobby Jamieson sketches a map for the pastorate: character, competencies, qualifications, heart, and hiring process. For a church’s search committee, he pushes back on some common ideas about ministerial […]
Taas Saada was born in Gaza to a Muslim family. While working in America, a simple ‘thank you’ from a customer touched the heart of this man who was trained […]
Pastor Isaac Adams explores how the local congregation might faithfully respond to their local community about deep-seated and lingering racial strife. Regardless of the headlines and from a pastoral perspective, […]

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