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dana 44 hd specs 5" on long side. com: Several variations of The Dana 44 have been used as the rear axle in Jeeps, all of them use a 8. 73. 75-inch ring gear no matter what truck it came out of. Dana 44 HD Carrier Shim Kit Nitro Gear and Axle $ 24. Master Overhaul Kits include the specific bearings, races, seals, shims, pinion nuts, ring gear bolts, and all the appropriate small parts designed specifically for the differential repair project at-hand. Disassembly of the differential is pretty much straight forward just like an open The Dana 60 (D60) front axles found in GM, Ford and Dodge 1 ton 4WD trucks are arguably the strongest and most appropriate choice for upgrading both front and rear axles for hard-core wheeling. Here it is folks. 37. Axle Gear Ratio: 4. There is the option of standard rotation or reverse rotation. The manufacturing is 100% done in Rochester, New York in a modern and ISO qualified machine facility. Unless you're looking for extreme, Dana 60-class strength, the Cherokee 44 really is the best upgrade for YA D44JKRUB-R - Yukon 1541H alloy rear axle for Dana 44 JK Rubicon, right hand side, 32 spline, 32 5/8" long. 9" Ring Gear. 2,387 Posts. RT20032 1lb. 5" in diameter and have 35 splines. Quick shipping. Jul 30, 2021 · Dana 30 and Dana 44 Front Axle Toe Adjustment. Far from it, actually. The Dana 44 HD steel diff cover also features the proven 1/4 inch thick steel plate design with an integrated 3/4 inch NPT fill plug. 90. 95 – $ 44. 30 Ratio, OEM Dana® Spicer® Ring & Pinion D44-HD 4. e. The Dana 44 TTB and Dana 44HD TTB both use Spicer 760x (formerly 297x) u-joints which are dana 44: 14-19: 6-9: 6-10: 55: 60: dana 44 – wk / xk: 14-19: 6-9: 6-10: 55: 60: dana 44 General specifications Ring gear measures 8. In stock. Bearing and race numbers would help. , Jeep, Nissan, Toyota, and even one Studabaker Dana 44 Front Assembly. HD Differential Cover, 1948-2018, Jeep and Willys with Dana 44. The short rod from the pitman arm is Ford, GM, Dodge, and some M37 military I. F-250 Dana 44's: F-250 Dana 44's up to 1977 were low pinion, standard cut units. about eSH801 e-Hub drive. 88s, need to get 4. The R&P ratio ranges supported by the carriers are 2. SPL 1350 u-joints provides extra protection. Feb 20, 2010 · Re: Cherokee with Dana 44? if you can get ahold of a wagoneer like mine. Because of the different pinion offsets available, it’s important to know exactly what you have when looking for gears and carriers. Since 1984, we’ve provided class-leading helical gear, torque-sensing differentials to premiere auto manufacturers. It is a perfect replacement for a jeep or comparable sized vehicle. 97 & Newer TJ & XJ, 30 Spline 29-1/4", Left Hand Nitro Rear Axle Shaft for Dana 44 Dana 44 HD Rear Pinion Setup Kit 44A Aluminum Housing Nitro Gear and Axle. Choose an option Dana 44 Dana 60. Dana 60 Yoke fits on stock pinion. Silicone sealant. The Model 20 was used under Jeeps from ’76 to ’86, then was replaced with the Dana 35C which is still used today. Oct 07, 2009 · Joined Nov 6, 2007. i have an 87 and the wagoneers are known for having the Dana 44 in the rear. Packaging. 84 . August 11th, 2006, 01:03 PM #11. 73 and Down - JK Non-Rubicon 2 x Dana HD Front Ball Joint Kit - JT/JL Specifications. other dana 44 builds and tech Building a Drivers Drop ALL Chevy Dana 44 for a late model SAS project 6 lug to 5 lug conversion: Convert a front Chevy 6 lug Dana 44 to a Ford or Jeep Pattern 5 lug axle. Regear for Those Bigger Tires to Bring Back Stock Performance Price Includes Both Front and Rear Ring and Pinion Includes Front and Rear Master Install Kits Includes Timken Master Install Kit For Wrangler JK Rubicon Dana 44 Axles ONLY Fits: 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon & JK Unlimited Rubicon Nitro Gear & Axle Dana 44 27 Spline 7. 54 Ring & Pinion OE Dana Spicer. HD Spicer Greaseless HD Dana 44/60 U-Joint. With the upper control arm mounts available in the factory positions for your Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ our Dana 44 axle truss makes swapping out your factory axle a breeze. Off-Highway. CLICK HERE for More Details Part#: 27902-4X. Dana 44 axles with a width close enough to stock that they did not require narrowing and a lug pattern of 5-5 ½ , same as the Jeep. 17A. I see there are NO casted pedestal reinforcements on the aluminum carrier bearing caps to rear aluminum batwing cover as 1985 to 1996 C4 used. After 1974 Dana 44 axles became standard on all Scout IIs. 8 inches depending on the truck. 3. 1984-1989. 14. Heat treatment is per our specifications in a world class Rochester, NY facility. 12 Volt Accessory Power Pack. Welcome to Torsen ®. This new axle was a high pinion, reverse cut, 8-lug Dana 44. But before you get too excited about scoring a Postal Jeep 44 or even spend much energy drooling over the next-gen or new generation Dana 44 used under the 2007-2016 Jeep Wrangler JK, you owe it to yourself to learn the facts. Dana 44HD - 3. Description. This system beefs up the steering components of the Dana 30 or Dana 44 front axle, helps maximize steering component ground clearance, and restores correct steering geometry for superior highway drivability. Protect high-dollar differentials with a Heavy Duty Differential Cover from RT Off-Road. 8-inch disc brakes. 1990-2000. Dana 44 front axles special order in 1974. Description: *Fits Dana Spicer 44HD *8. - np435 manual trans. Dana® 44HD, D44HD, 4. This is the basic kit essential for a 3"" Diameter rear axle swap (D44HD) or spring over, more items could be added but this is the bare minimum, You will receive 1 pair of our 3/8" thick A50 Steel U-Bolt plates (for 2. TeraFlex heavy-duty diff covers withstand trail carnage caused by rocks, debris, and other obstacles. Rear Axle: Dana 44 Solid diff cover. US$141. LEFT SIDE INNER. Product Description. - highboy frame specific width, - front leaf springs. 30 & 4. Unless you're looking for extreme, Dana 60-class strength, the Cherokee 44 really is the best upgrade for Apr 09, 2011 · My Specs. They allow you to move the axle 1" forward or back. The AMC 20 housing tends to flex a lot which can 30 SplineNitro Rear Axle Shaft Assembly for Dana 44 Price: $311. If you pull an axle shaft out of your Dana and it has 33 or 35 splines, then you probably have a Dana 70. Heavy duty cover. In 1977. Dec 11, 2019 · Sometimes people believe that they have a Dana 60 axle while they really have a Dana 70 axle. Gear Ratio changes from 307 to 488 $325. NOTE: The Dana 44 cover does not work on the aluminum center section found on ZJ and WJ Dana 44 axles. Jeep Axle Swaps: Front Dana 44. 12V DC May 23, 2017 · The Dana 35 axle shafts have 27 splines and a 1. Add to cart. 5" ring and pinion. The Dana 44 HD steel diff cover is welded both on the inside and outside of the cover to Jeep at Off-Road. 95. heres the specs: front axle chevy dana 44, narrowed 2. 18-inch diameter. 73 and 3. 49. the only difference that i have found betweena wagoneer and a cherokee ( correct me if im wrong anyone) is the Dana 44 rear axle. HD Spicer Greaseless HD Dana 44/60 U-Joint quantity Plus Quantity. lbs (136 Nm) and install cotter pin. These covers are constructed of 3/8″ high grade forged steel with a raised fill plug for extra oil capacity. May 02, 2012 · C4 dana 44 uses 3. Though Dodge says no camber adjustment is available on either the Dana 44 or Dana 60 front axles, there are aftermarket offset bushings for the Dana 60 axle and offset ball joints for the Dana 44 axle. The original factory axles in a Full Float Dana 60 always have 30 splines or less. The front Dana 60 inner axle shafts are 1. The Dana 60, however, has a massive 9. Most of the 44hd's were low pinion and had a standard rotation gear set, the coil sprung 44 is a high pinion, reverse rotation gear set, which means that they used different ring and pinions, other than that, all of the rest of the internals (i. D44001CL (left, driver’s side) D44001CR (right, passenger’s side) Chevy/Jeep spindle bolt pattern accepts “outers” from all open knuckle Chevy and Jeep Dana 44, Dana 30, and 10-bolt front ends to 1986. 5: New Generation 8. 38, an ARB Air Locker, Moser 35-spline axleshafts, and Ford 8. 89. Kit Package: Yes. 44 5. Core Axles ready to be rebuilt to your needs or specs. Push up on the knuckle and tighten the lower nut to 70 ft. 8. SKU: SKD44HD Category: Shim Kits Tag The Dana 44 pinion is about an inch longer than the Dana 35 pinion, so technically you'll need a driveshaft that's an inch shorter. Dana Spicer 27902-4X INNER AXLE Left Side fits 1973 to 1979 FORD F100, F150, BRONCO and 1976 to 1979 F250 with DANA 44 solid Front 18. Fitment. Web Pages Featuring Dana 44 Front End : D44 Conversion from 6 - lug to Ford 5 Lug Food for thought: the Dana 60 I have for the rear came stock with 5 on 5 and half bolt pattern because it came out of a 1970-1973 Jeep half ton truck (it was only a heavy duty option for those three years) and is a semi-floating axle. #5 · Oct 9, 2009. 1976 Ford F-250 HIGHBOY 4x4 - DANA 44 HD front axle HOUSING ring pinion Gear. 0 Litre. Scout and Wagoneer front Dana 44s are good canidates for swapping into a CJ, but shortening is required to maintain stock widths. 13 inches. They come unpainted bare steel, customizable to your unique build. It's a little rare, but the ring-and-pinion are slightly stronger than the low-pinion 44 gears when used in a front application. We can build you an axle to whatever specs you require. The AMC 20 R&P is 3/8" bigger than the Dana 44, but it uses smaller shafts, smaller axle tubes, and the CJ version comes with weaker two piece shafts. . The Quest for a Decent Dana 44 Front Axle in my Jeep CJ-7 When I began the build of Project CJ-7, the set of donor axle were Scout Axles, Front and rear. High-pinion Dana 44 Only found in some Ford 4x4s. TeraFlex Dana Heavy-Duty Differential Cover Kits provide extreme protection from rocks, obstacles, and other debris on the trail. H. Minus Quantity. +. It may not sound like a big difference, but it’s actually a pretty big. 1 x Eaton Dana 44 ELocker 30 Spline 3. 88s for the 14 now) I have pics in my Webshots of how much I ground. Cast from high strength ductile iron. Dense material quiets down noisy lockers. The upper ball joint incorporates hard sintered wear bushings to handle extreme side load demands with out failure. Dana 44 Hd Rear Axle Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers From China, Welcome to post your sample and color ring to let us produce according to your specification. I swapped the D44 stuff onto my 10 bolt for now till I get matching gears for the rear to put the 44 in. 47. Super heavy duty. Dana 44 HD Carrier Shim Kit Nitro Gear and Axle quantity. Features & Benefits: • Cast from the same high-strength 3/8” thick ductile-iron as our HD axle housings • Red TeraFlex logo YSPPN-010 - Pinion nut for Dana 44 JK, 44HD, 60, 70, 70U, 70HD & Nissan M226 Rear Dutchman Heavy Duty Front Axle Shafts Outer. (0) Your Price: $155. Although the Dana 44 has a larger differential, and stronger axle shafts, it shares the same weak axle tubes with the Dana 35. Doing a spring over? These are the trick. The AMC20 uses a 29 spline shaft where as the later Dana 44 uses a 30 spline shaft. 86. TNT Customs 3/16 inch steel axle truss is ideal for swapping a Dana 44 rear axle into your Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ. 56 (Rare) Uses JK style HD Dana 44 R&P. 0. (95 Nm) 3. -->All AMC 20s have a 8 7/8" R&P and use a 29 spline shafts. Application: Dana 44 HD Aluminum (Jeep Grand Cherokee) Axle Spline: 30 These ball joints fit all JK Wrangler Dana 30 and Dana 44 axles. Front Axle: Dana 44 Zone Offroad diff guard. Material: Steel. Dana 70 U: 35 The Dana 44 pinion is about an inch longer than the Dana 35 pinion, so technically you'll need a driveshaft that's an inch shorter. Features Include: CNC Laser Cut for perfect fit 7GA Steel for Maximum Protection Gold Zinc Protective Finish Bolt-On Easy to install MetalCloak's skid plate is made from [click for more] laser cut, 7GA steel, for a perfect fit Oct 28, 2002 · Re: will 15\'\' wheels fit dana 44 8 lug front axle? I just did mine the other day. Welcome your inquiry! Looking forward to building long-term cooperation with you! Dana 44, dana 60, dana 30, 14 bolt, dana 70 dana 80 Chevy GMC 2500/3500 HD 2011-19 . The Dana 44 pinion is about an inch longer than the Dana 35 pinion, so technically you'll need a driveshaft that's an inch shorter. Spicer nickel chromoly steel axle shafts for optimal strength and performance. 5" wide with a 3" axle tube cutout) with the same pin option to match, 4 - 10" x 5/8" x 3" U-Bolts with USA Standard Gear Master Overhaul Kits provide all of the necessary parts for a differential overhaul installation in one single part number. 16534. Fill plug. Spindles Priced from $85. 87-3. The Dana 44 axle shafts have 30 splines and a 1. Dana 44. The Dana 44s with the two piece shafts are 19 spline or 27 spline and the versions wih the once piece shafts are 30 spline. The Underside The front suspension was built using a Rubicon Express long-arm kit, modified upper shock mounts fit with Bilstein 5150 shocks, a Currie Anti-Rock antisway bar, and Bullet-Proof About Torsen ®. This article compares the two axles. I'm sure that Number Dummy has the Ford numbers, but does anyone Jun 07, 2005 · 2. -Dana 44-HD (HD design ONLY ) TracLoc clutch set. This was from a 1976 Ford F250 Highboy 4x4, that had - Front DISK BRAKES. 50" ring gear diameter *29 spline pinion *10 ring gear bolts *3. Fits: • Dana 44 axle housings. 5" Dana 70 HD & B: 35-2036 : New: 17-30 in. 5: New Beef up your axle housings with one of our Dana HD Differential Covers. 03-06-2010, 10:33 AM #9. (0) Your Price: $159. 44 Axle - Front Dynatrac JK Trail - series 44 Mopar JK Rubicon Mod for TJ Dynatrac proRock 44 Axle - Front Rear shown Front shown Front shown Rear shown Front shown Jun 17, 2015 · The Dana 44 has been a desirable axle for Jeep builds nearly since its introduction in the 1940s. 11. Price: $310. 96 For more than a century, Dana® axles have set the standard for axle dependability, strength, and performance for OEM vehicle manufacturers. The Dana 30 gear ratios are either 3. Feb 15, 2013 · Dana Trac Lok Rebuild. Shoving a Dana 44 under an XJ is not a bolt in affair. Help reduce axle wrap. Dana 44 HD Open Carrier Case Loaded 30 Spline Standard Nitro Gear and Axle $ 372. All Spindles are spin tested & seal surface polished. lbs. This axle uses 11" drum brakes and the most common ratio is 3. - 360 v8. This Revolution Front Axle Kits comes with 2 4340 Chromoly inner axles, 2 4340 Chromoly outer stub axles, 2 HD Larger 1350 Style Chromoly needle bearing U-Joints and 8 Full Circle Snap rings to hold it all together. Dec 05, 2012 · The HD carrier is . 92-5. And 3. Free Shipping. Call Currie or Dynatrac, shell out $4,500 - $5,000 for a 44 built to factory specs. An article below discusses doing this with Scout axles on a CJ. As I see it, you have two options: 1. Warn Hub Conversion for RCV Axles 30-Spline Dana 44 - D4342. The ring gear on the Dana 44 measures anywhere from 8. Dont loosen castellated nut, but make it tighter to line up the cotter pin hole. -. Don't forget to fold a retainer ear over one of the outer nut flats (more is OK, just more hassle) Different type of 44, but thanks for the reminder and the torque specs. 9" Dana 44s) Pinion shaft splines and spline diameter: 26/1. 5" on short side, 6. We can do anything 4 Front / 4 Rear Lift Kit - Jeep CJ 4WD DANA 44 Axle (1982-1986) [K3066] | Description K3066 - Kit W/ ES Shocks K3066MX - Kit W/ MX6 Shocks This Pro Comp system comes with preset coils with specific spring rates that provide a desired ride height and ride characteristics. Highly Revolution Gear and Axle Discovery Series D44, 4340 Chromoly HD Front Axle Kit for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon, 30 spline kit Only works with factory locker. com. JK Wheel bearings and seals are the same part# as rodeo/passport and fit. YG D44HD-354, DANA 44, HD, ALUMINUM, D44HD, JEEP. Transmission: 4spd auto 42rle. 73 and numerically lower carrier for all gear ratios. Rebuilt GM Dana 44 Front Axles . 6 on 5. 5 pattern. Feb 06, 2013 · 1967 - 1972 F-100 & Larger F-Series Trucks - Dana 44-6CF HD Kingpin bearings? - I need help finding the Timken bearings & races for my '72 Highboy, closed knuckle, Dana 44-6CF HD. Choose Axle. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to tell which axle you have. TeraFlex HD ball joints are engineered to handle the increased load caused by oversized tires and offset wheels. The AMC 20 housing tends to flex a lot which can The Dana 44 is built with an 8. - np205 DIVORCED t-case. 44 Axle - Front Dynatrac JK Trail - series 44 Mopar JK Rubicon Mod for TJ Dynatrac proRock 44 Axle - Front Rear shown Front shown Front shown Rear shown Front shown 1st Generation Dana 44 NEW GENERATION DANA 44 COMPARISON CHART Mopar JK Rubicon 44 Mopar J8 Mil. ) Caliper System Booster TRANSFER CASES: BORGWARNER Availability Type Operating Modes Low-range Ratio Center Differential SUSPENSION SYSTEMS Model Front Rear 2500 4x2 Three-link with track bar, coil springs, stabilizer bar, solid axle Five-link with track bar, coil springs, stabilizer bar Currie 44 - High-Pinion Jeep JK Replacement Front Axle $2,750. Installation. total wm-wm width 58 3/4" chevy 1/2 ton hubs, rotors, brakes, sky mfg hi steer arms, flat top knuckles. 5 to 8. 1st Generation Dana 44 NEW GENERATION DANA 44 COMPARISON CHART Mopar JK Rubicon 44 Mopar J8 Mil. The differential cover on the 44 is shaped almost like a hexagon and has a half-inch male fill plug. Jun 06, 2017 · The Dana 44 is also a heavy axle, but it’s significantly lighter than a Dana 60. In Scout IIs until 1974 Dana 30 front axles and Dana 44 rear axles were standard. Includes. The Spicer Electrified eSH801 e-Hub Drive is a fully integrated electro-mechanical system that integrates proven heavy-duty Spicer axle architecture, Brevini planetary drive designs, Dana TM4 electric motor technology, and Dana’s advanced control expertise. Suspension: 2 inch rubber bumper lift RE sway bar quick disconnects. From $3,479. ) is in reference to this. The Dana 44 axles in the 1950 to 1975 Jeep CJ narrow track and all military The steel for all parts come from USA steel mills. In my case, my earlier suspension lift offset the extra inch of pinion, so the new axle truely bolted in. 0 Review(s) Your Price: $196. The Dana Spicer Ultimate Dana 44 front axle assembly delivers the strength and durability on any trail you take. Dana 44-HD (HD design ONLY ) TracL Dana 4. Oct 25, 2006 · Now get ready for a reality check. Model #AXD3-82-1261X The Dana 44 rear axle was replaced with a Tera CRD60R also geared to 5. 10, 4. 8" inch made since 1987 to present day. With the development of the Jeep JK, a new version of the Dana 44 was created which some people call a second generation, next-gen or new generation Dana 44. 00 The Currie 44 high-pinion JK front performance axle is a direct bolt-in assembly with superior strength in a light-weight package that’s designed for heavy off-road use . The control arm fabrication parts include Double-shear high steer arms, Dana 60, Dana 60 high steer, D60 hi steer, crossover high steer arms, crossover steering arms, ball joint high steer, high steer machining, Dana 44 flat top knuckle machining, raised Dana 44 high steer Aug 10, 2007 · 9. 88 Rubicon Dana 44 210MM/220MM Gear Package; Wrangler JL with Master Install All Dana Spicer ring and pinion gears that are designed are also tested to meet OEM specifications. 80. We also stock new Spindles for popular applications. Not to mention, the lug pattern can be either 5, 6, or 8. AEV designed this cover specifically for the Front and Rear Dana 44 axles found in the 2007-2018 Jeep JK Wrangler, so you’ll notice it’s a bit different than competitive covers that are built for a wide range of Dana 44 applications. $151. Dana 30: This axle size is the most common, and you'll only find it on the front of Jeep. The fill plug on the Dana 44 HD steel diff cover allows for easy access, especially when a truss system is commonly used. When it comes time to replace the clutches in your Dana Trac Lok I have this simple trick to make the installation of new clutches simpler when you do not have the specialty tools from Dana to aid in reassembly. 375" (most Dana 44s) 1. 00. Featuring a number of upgrades for added on-trail durability, plus added strength wherever you take your vehicle, the Ultimate Dana 44™ axle is built to meet the demands of serious off-road enthusiasts. FRONT DANA 44HD axle Housing Ring and Pinion Gears. Spindles for Dodge, Ford, GM, Jeep, IH, Toyota. 21 or 3. If you have another brand radius arm for your Dana 44, call us to confirm compatibility. Revolution Heavy Duty Dana JL 44 Diff Covers are fabricated from 3/8 inch thick steel rings and 1/4 inch thick formed steel bodies. $240. Zinc plated hardware. This leads me to assume that a normal 70 carrier won’t fit in a HD. 0625", same as 1965 to 1972 A & F body Chevy 8-7/8" inch 12 bolt. 30 R&P, Isuzu Rodeo/Honda Passport Viper & Vette, 29 Spl, 3/8" Bolts Price: $359. So putting the 220mm at about 450lb-ft stronger torque rating than the typical D60, however that isn't all that matters, as there are other aspects for payload like the axle tube Your Dynatrac Dana 44 Axle Assembly source with low prices and FREE shipping on orders over $99*. lb. Dana 44 HD Open Carrier Case Loaded 30 Spline Standard Nitro Gear and Axle quantity. 5 in (216 mm) Ring gear measures 8. On a Jeep CJ it is only adjustable on the front axle and is adjusted by rotating the long tie rod or in some cases rotating the threaded sleeve at the tie rod end. 00 to $200. Dana 44 Solid Front Axle, Reverse Spiral information, Good info for swapping axles, high steer. February 15, 2013 //. It is the 12 bolt, 3500 lb. This axle for the F-250 Dana 44 is slightly different than the F-100 & F-150 offered in 1977. TNT UCA mounts provide you with raised mounting holes to Feb 11, 2015 · Available in 4. Nitro Gear & Axle. Engine: 4. 625" (JK rear 8. These axles can also be put in uncut by moving the spring perches outside of the frame. They have a ring gear diameter of 7 and 1/8 inches. Brand: Dynatrac. 9 in (226 mm) OEM Inner axle shaft spline counts are 10, 19, 29, 30, 32, 33 and 35 Pinion shaft diameter: 1. The AEV JK Differential Cover features two fluid level ports, placed at the correct level to meet factory Dana 27 & 30 were used in Scout 80 800 A B. New HD Differential Covers for the JL Wrangler! This cover fits Dana 44 front (Rubicon) differentials in JL Wranglers ONLY. 44 BRAKES Type Rotors — mm (in. 5" springs) with 3 pin mounting options, a pair of our Spring Perches (2. 12" (most Dana Several variations of the Dana 44 have been used as the rear axle in Jeeps, all of them use a 8. Now, to meet a growing consumer demand for Dana quality axles and gearing, Novak offers genuine Dana 44, and 60 model rear axles to the entire aftermarket, complete with genuine Spicer® components in a variety of ratios. ·. 125” narrower than the others, and can be use in the other 70’s with the addition of a 1/8” spacer. YPKD44HD-PC-T/L - Dana 44-HD (HD design ONLY ) TracLoc clutch set. 31-inch diameter. Give your Jeep or Truck exactly what it needs with industry leading products and expertise at 4WD. For outer nut torque to 100 ft lbs. Bounty__Hunter. The number in the name (Dana 30, Dana 44, etc. <br /> <br /> Tired of punching holes in thin stamped steel differential covers? Rusty's now offers heavy-duty differential covers that can take a beating and keep on ticking! <br /> <br /> Rusty's has **Specifically Designed for Lifted JK Wranglers** The Rear Dana 44 Differential Skid Plate (DSP) is bolt on protection for your rear Jeep JK Wrangler 44 differential. 91 INCHES. Sold individually. Each axle cover should have a tag to ID the Axle, if not the Lineticket can be checked to ID the axle and ratio. 42 4. 99 The Ultimate Dana 44™ axle is a direct bolt-in solution that delivers optimal strength, durability, and performance. Yes, the JL Dana 44 rear differentials are different from the fronts. carrier and axle shafts) will interchange Dec 06, 2009 · they are set up for cj soa WITHOUT OUTBOARDING springs. Clear. Great selection. 5 Ford’s new F-250 axle now started to appear. 2. When you purchase Dana Spicer ring and pinion sets, you can be confide Item# D44001C. The Dana 44 was used on and off throughout the history of Jeeps. Features and Benefits: New Dana HD Differential Covers for the new AdvanTEK axles Cast from the same high-strength, 3/8 inch-thick ductile-iron as our HD axle housings Red TeraFlex logo Features a large DANA 44 APPLICATIONS SPECIFICATIONS RATIO PART # OE Part # Year: Make: Model: Ring Gear Diameter: 8. From the military AM General HMMWV to Audi Quattro sedans and SUVs, Torsen differentials provide the traction and handling that you need. 54 ratio Dana Spicer ring and pinions are forged out of 8620 Steel. Specs. The TeraFlex JK: Dana 30/44 High Steer System w/ HD Forged Drag Link Flip Kit addresses all the front-end steering issues associated with lifted JK Wrangler/Unlimited models. 00 Gear Ratio Dana 60 & 44 High Steer Arms - Control Arm Fabrication Parts These steering arms will handle anything you throw at them. Learn More. This is a quality Quiet gear, More Details ». Toe is the amount that the wheels are pointed in or out, often called “total toe in or out”. 99. Dana 44 Cut N’ Turned; Stock width; Requires heimed extended radius arms; Includes Variation A Feb 06, 2000 · On the Dana 60 axle, the ball joints have a zero degree steel bushing, but on the Dana 44 axles there is no bushing. Reverse 4. Axle Spring Perches Heavy Duty - Dana 44. Axle Seal for Rear Dana 35 & Dana 44. 5-inch ring and pinion and has a spline count of 19 or 27 with two-piece axle shafts or a spline count of 30 with a one-piece axle shaft. 10. Large diameter fill plug for easy fluid replacement. 5 : 610422, 610424 The TrueTrac is available for the Dana 44 used in the 1500 trucks, and one Sep 11, 2017 · For comparison, IIRC the regular Dana 44 is ~3,500lbft ( 4,750NM ) 44HD is ~4,000lb-ft ( 5,500NM ) Ulimate44 is more than 4,000+ and Dana 60 is ~5,000lb-ft ( 6800NM). Aug 01, 2005 · For inner spindle nut torque to 50 ft lbs and then back off 1/4 turn. Using a spanner wrench, install and tighten the upper ball stud adjusting sleeve to 100 ft. Jeep Rear Axle Truss JK Dana 44 To A ZJ TNT Customs. (the D44 has 4. axel. Outer Axle Seal for Dana 35. NOTE - to be used on SOA setup; three of these will work as is, the fourth will require modification on the "pumpkin", or differential, side. 5" 1310 HD Rear Outer Stub Axle Chevrolet Corvette 1988-1996. Out Axle Seal for Dana 35/44. Thick cut Ring and oversized pinion. 2007-2011. Direct bolt-on for the Jeep front axle. We carry a large selection of Dana Spicer Parts for the Dana 44, 28, 30, 35, 36, 50, 60, 61, 70, 70-2U, 70B, 70HD, 70U, 80 and more! Specs for springs, axles, 2500 HD w/ D60: 3500 w/ D60: 1994-94. $ 29. Also same as modern day Ford 8. Unless you're looking for extreme, Dana 60-class strength, the Cherokee 44 really is the best upgrade for The Dana 44 TTBs were part of the front suspension on the 1980-1996 Ford Bronco and Ford F150 4wd. Higher fill plug location for increased fluid capacity. One of the most common front axle upgrades is the Dana 44. Jun 01, 2009 · DANA 44 TECH SPECS: DYNATRAC JK TRAIL-SERIES 44: MOPAR JK RUBICON MODIFIED FOR TJ: DYNATRAC PROROCK 44 AXLE (FRONT ONLY) RING GEAR DIAMETER (FRONT, IN) New Generation 8. Shop now for Parts, Tools, and Manuals to fit 1967-1975 Ford F-250 8 Bolt Dana 44 and 12 Bolt Dana 44HD Front Axles. Shop. The width of the axle shafts is 1. 00 Each. 925. Vehicle Type: Jeep. dana 44 hd specs

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