Advent wreath with pink, purple, and white candles.

The Five Cs of Christmas That Every Christian Should Know

During the Christmas season many take shots at the origin, meaning, and purpose of this day and post articles, videos, and arguments against or for Christmas on the internet. I thought it would be appropriate to go a little beyond the traditional stories to address the elephant in the room that is the origin of Christmas day, and to try to distinguish it from the purpose and meaning of Christmas that we celebrate as believers.

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Good News Friday Guest Post for the Do Good Better Blog

Every week, Rachel Pieh Jones, the author of Pillars: How Muslim Friends Led Me Closer to Jesus, writes a Good News Friday post on her blog, Do Good Better. She celebrates good things that happened in the past week to remind us that there is light amongst all the darkness.

Last Friday, I guest-wrote the Good News Friday post and shared a variety of positive stories about education, interfaith relations, and Pakistanis fighting blasphemy laws.

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Our Urban Voices Podcast Now Streaming

The Our Urban Voices Podcast is now streaming wherever you get your podcasts. For the first episode, I spoke with Pastor Boto Joseph of Jackson Heights Community Church about his journey from India to ministry in ‘Little India’ in Jackson Heights, Queens—the most ethnically diverse community in New York City.

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 A New Dawn: The Heart For Muslims Conference

Unfortunately, the church has not dealt with Islam or Muslims the way that Christ commanded us to do so. We are not called to add to the conflict of various belief systems in our ever deteriorating world, rather we ought to be the church of Christ for times such as these.

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