What Happens When Churches Focus on Community or Sundays?

Episode #03 – George Russ serves a diverse group of Baptist churches in New York City, helping them to stay on mission and multiply

Episode Summary:

George Russ, a native New Yorker, serves as the Executive Director of the Metro NY Baptist Association, a diverse family of approximately 250 metro churches that share the vision of the great commission—to make disciples of all the nations.  He oversees the organization as it connects existing churches, plants new churches and helps churches grow.

Topics Discussed:

  • How George Russ got involved in ministry
  • Understanding how COVID-19 impacted local churches in metro New York City (at the time of the recording some churches are still unable to meet in-person)
  • Community-focused churches versus Sunday-focused churches
  • Some examples of best practices among local churches
  • Understanding how churches have responded to the recent social justice movement
  • The role of church in politics, where is the line?
  • Church as a safe place to share life and hurts
  • Shepherding versus politics
  • Church planting in NYC and church multiplication
  • Challenges reaching the second generation in non-English speaking immigrant churches
  • Indigenous/ native missions in New York City

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