"Truth" is written on an faded paper surrounded by dirt. Why is Colossians Relevant to Us Today?

Why Colossians Is So Relevant to Our Era

Earlier this year, I preached through the book of Colossians at my church, First Baptist Church Metuchen, focusing on two questions.

1) Does truth matter in this day and age?

2) Does truth matter to you and your family?

It’s an incredibly relevant book to our faith right now. Why?

Background of Colossians

Paul wrote the letter to the Colossians in 62 AD from prison. He had heard that the Christians in Colossae had been falling prey to false principles that are not a part of the true Christian faith.

Christians had been mixing elements of other religious worldviews with their faith, which were incompatible with the “knowledge of God’s mystery.” The purpose of the letter was to contradict theological errors that had been embraced by the Colossians.

Paul does not confront individual fallacies or issues one at a time but focuses on the centrality of Christ and on the truth of the doctrine that the Colossians should keep as tenants of their faith in order to stay on track.

Why Colossians Is Relevant

Colossians is particularly relevant today because we live in an era of no absolute truths, where even believers fall prey to fallacies of the faith, which is exactly what Paul was addressing to the church in Colossae in Colossians.

The book of Colossians confronts us with some of the most fundamental truths of the gospel. It shows that in this ever-changing world, two things will always remain:

  1. God
  2. Sinful nature

By helping us to better understand the core tenants of our belief about God and Jesus, we can hold fast in our faith despite outward challenges.

Colossians challenges us to reflect on our beliefs and practices and how we live them out. It teaches us to think and to answer big questions such as the exclusivity, supremacy, centrality, and sufficiency of Christ.

Colossians both asks and answers questions such as: Do we need Jesus alone or something in addition to him? Is Jesus Lord over all?

Want to learn more?

If you hungry to learn more about Colossians, you can watch past sermons here:


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