dr alfonse javed

Americanized Christianity and Theological Chaos in Pakistan

It is likely that the theological chaos that exists in Pakistan and in other third world countries would have not been a problem if the deliberate attempt by the American churches were to come alongside the local church to teach and learn for the mutual benefit of the global community of believers. Theologically condescending attitudes towards believers in third world countries have caused the West to miss a tremendous blessing and opportunity to grow and witness the work of the Holy Spirit in different cultures.

I am witnessing theological chaos in Pakistan among Christian communities, which can be rightfully credited to the American church. An attempt to Americanize the Christian faith in Pakistan has only complicated things in their communities. Access to the Internet in third world countries has opened the flood gates of information, including theological information.

As a result, now in an evangelical church, in the absence of proper theological and biblical training for centuries, one can hear the preacher teaching a mixture of theologies without knowing that many of them contradict each other. Growing up, my parents were presented with one or two types of theological beliefs. Either you were a Roman Catholic or Protestant Pentecostal brethren. Just two decades ago, theologically the church in Pakistan was a baby and believed in the basic doctrines: Jesus is the Son God, He always existed as a Triune God, He came into the world to die for our sins, He was crucified for our sins, was buried and on the third day rose again and is coming back to take us with Him. Now, all kind of theologies are circulating in Pakistan which are creating doubts and divisions. The little evangelical community is no longer united, and the American funding to promote a particular brand of theology is creating rival ministries that are stealing each other’s members rather than reaching out to those who do not believe in Christ.

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