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Six Month Pregnant Pakistani Christian Mother of Three Burned Alive Along with Her Husband for Their Faith – Pakistani Contributor

This is  place where a Christian couple was beaten and then burnt alive before their Children. On November 4th at dawn, the loudspeakers of five Mosques in Kot Radha Kishan District Kasur, about  60 KM southwest of Lahore announced and condemned a Christian family of blasphemy. “Come together to teach a lesson to a blasphemous Christian couple” a man […]

Dr. A. R. Javed

False Teachers, Theistic Evolutionists, and the Church

Jesus often warned about false teachers. Here is one such warning: “You nullify the word of God for the sake of your tradition. You hypocrites! Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you: “‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. They worship me in vain; their teachings are […]

Dr. A. R. Javed

Rob Bell, Mysticism, and Apophatic Prayer

When we deny the importance of the teachings of Scripture, we must find something to take its place – mysticism and experience. One form of mysticism is apophatic prayer. Here is how it is defined by one alternative source: Apophatic meditation is an eastern style of clearing the mind to enable inward contemplation… Apophatic meditation, meditation […]

Dr. A. R. Javed

Do the Gifts of the Holy Spirit Work the Same Everywhere?

1. Enns states that the gift of the apostle was only necessary during the foundation of the church [1], I agree because I believe that Acts 1:21-22 clearly highlights the qualifications of an apostle. According to Acts 1:21-22, an apostle needs to be a male, he must have been with Jesus Christ from the beginning, […]

The Life You’ve Always Wanted: Spiritual Disciplines for Ordinary People

The life you’ve always wanted: Spiritual disciplines for ordinary people. Grand Rapids, MI.: Zondervan. This book primarily deals with issues related to spiritual growth. Ortberg (1997) outlines a number of practices to reflect on his understanding of spiritual growth, hoping to convince the reader to live like Christ. By using statements like, “my failure to be the person God had in mind when he created me. It is the ‘pearly ache’ in my heart to be at home with the Father,” (Ortberg, 1997, p. 13) he invites the reader into his personal experiences to understand what he calls “It’s morphing time” (Ortberg, 1997, p. 21).

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Dr. A. R. Javed

Islamic No-Go Zones Governed by Sharia

The Progressives are in battle-mode over Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s statements about no-go zones in Western Europe: “If we’re not careful the same no-go zones you’re seeing now in Europe will come to America,” Jindal said. “What is not acceptable and what you’ve seen in Europe and this is a very serious particular threat, you’ve […]

Dr. A. R. Javed

Muslim Missionaries and Their Effectiveness

Muslims are very active in missionary work. They have strategic ways of spreading Islam in the world. In Islam, their mission doctrine is called Dawah. Before Arabs found oil, they were focused on aggressive action and direct Jihad in order to spread Islam. However, since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, after WW1, and the […]

Dr. A. R. Javed

How Did Darwin Affect NAZI Thinking, And How Will Evolution Impact Today’s Morality?

The SS representative at the “Final Solution” meeting (Wannsee Conference, 1942) was General Reinhard Heydrich, one of Himmler’s top deputies.  Although genocide was already underway in the occupied portions of the Soviet Union and in Serbia, Nazi officials discussed the need for a more comprehensive program to exterminate European Jews. From the article published by the U.S. Holocaust […]