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The Adventures of Captain Underpants Review by Focus on the Family’s marriage and parenting magazine.

PLOT SUMMARY Fourth-graders George Beard and Harold Hutchins aren’t bad boys, but they do like pulling pranks. They also enjoy hanging out in their tree house, creating a comic strip about a superhero in underwear. The boys regularly sneak into the school office to make copies of their Captain Underpants comics, which they sell on the playground for […]

What is Sharia (Shariah) Law to Western Nations?

According to Islamic scholars, Muslims worldwide ought to follow Sharia law. However, it is hard to understand what Sharia law is, and more importantly how to find a consensus. Many pro-Sharia writers are giving misinformed reasons for why the West should tolerate Sharia law. The Huffington Post states that “Asking a Muslim to stop believing […]

Serving Two Authorities: God and Culture

I asked a General Theological Seminarian, “Does going to General shake up your faith?” She responded that it has been one of the greatest experiences in her life. Probing deeper, I asked about some of the untraditional/unbiblical teachings General seems to promote. “Well, I already believed in committed same-sex relationships before I ever came to […]

Dr. A. R. Javed

Understanding Western Insanity

When I harden my heart and mind against my wife because I don’t approve of the way she cleans the apartment, I harden myself against my wife, period, and no longer appreciate anything that she does. When we harden our hearts and minds against one thing, we harden ourselves against everything. When we take drugs […]

The Illogical Of A Repentant-Less Gospel

Let’s imagine a man who claims he believes but refuses to give up his adulterous relationship. He is baptized, and the congregation extends to him the right hand of fellowship. But then they must withdraw their right hand when he refuses to repent. Absurd? To the max! Instead, faith includes repentance – a turning from […]

What is Sharia (Shariah) Law?

Sharia (Shariah) law is the Islamic law by which Muslims ought to live their lives. However, there is hardly any consensus on the interpretation and application of this Islamic law throughout the world. The post 9/11 world is redefining Islam, Muslims, and the general practices of the adherents of Islam in the context of Islamic […]


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