Dr. A. R. Javed

Dealing With Deeply Entrenched Sins

Why does our Savior abandon us to this often discouraging struggle against sin?Because we need it! An immediate victory over sin would not serve us well. Why not? We do not do well spiritually when everything is going well for us. The pagan King Nebuchadnezzar had been very proud of his accomplishments.

Can God Be Omniscient Without It Negating Our Freewill?

Here is how the problem is usually stated: If God has perfect foreknowledge, He knows exactly what we will do in the future. This means that we cannot choose to act in a way that violates His foreknowledge. Instead, we can only choose to act consistent with how He knows we will act. This means […]

Can Evolution Adequately Account For And Sustain Morality ?

While nearly all of us agree that we are wired to make certain moral judgments, we disagree from where the wiring originates. While evolutionists claim that we evolved moral intuitions through a mindless, purposeless process for adaptive reasons, theists invoke God. However, the account of evolution encounters numerous problems. For one thing, evolution reduces morality […]

Dr. A. R. Javed

Understanding Western Insanity

When I harden my heart and mind against my wife because I don’t approve of the way she cleans the apartment, I harden myself against my wife, period, and no longer appreciate anything that she does. When we harden our hearts and minds against one thing, we harden ourselves against everything. When we take drugs […]

The Illogical Of A Repentant-Less Gospel

Let’s imagine a man who claims he believes but refuses to give up his adulterous relationship. He is baptized, and the congregation extends to him the right hand of fellowship. But then they must withdraw their right hand when he refuses to repent. Absurd? To the max! Instead, faith includes repentance – a turning from […]